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Artist Statement

My art is primarily paint, both acrylics and oils, and mostly landscapes and seascapes. I have painted on canvas, canvas board, and Masonite. I have also done some woodcut prints and a couple of sculptures. I love to do art because it takes me to a different place. When I am painting a landscape, I am transported to those beautiful surroundings, because after all who would paint a landscape of something that is not pleasing to the eye!  

Originally from San Francisco, I have lived all over this beautiful country, including 14 years in Alaska and 16 years in New England. We who live in Sonoma County are clearly blessed, as this is one of the loveliest places in the world. I am also a chef, and enjoy expressing artistry through the food I cook and the way it is presented.

I reside in Petaluma, California with my husband of 46 years, Walter, and two dogs, Dexter and Bella, who are the delight of our lives.

Commissions are accepted for landscapes and seascapes.

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